Dining From ‘Keoni’s Point of View’

The opening of Keoni’s Point of View restaurant at Honokōhau Harbor is cause for celebration for many Kona residents. Keoni Llanes and his wife, Kalina, have breathed life back into the former location of the Bite Me fish market, restaurant and fisherman’s hang-out, and made it their own. Read More

Magic’s Beach Grill

Many Kona residents remember the legendary Dorian’s restaurant, which eventually became Jameson’s by the Sea. The landmark building has been vacant for several years with the anticipation of a new dining establishment opening to take the place of these once-beloved restaurants. Read More

PB&J – The Childhood Favorite Grows Up

There’s nothing quite like a PB&J sandwich to illustrate the harmonious relationship between foods. The saying, “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly,” perfectly compares the bonds of friendship to the lifelong marriage between these two popular edible spreads. While the attractive simplicity of this brilliant culinary creation is appealing in and of itself, it’s…