Date A Girl Who Writes

by Karen Rose

Written March 2012

Date a girl who writes. Date a girl whose heroines have names like Anais Nin, Dorothy Parker, and Sylvia Plath. Date a girl who writes because she will possess a perspective all her own.

Find a girl who writes because she believes in passion and when physically expressed, it will be worthy of literary publication.

The girl who writes loves to listen.  Share your stories and she will savor them.  A girl who writes never stops examining her own beliefs.  Take her on adventures.  Show her the world, and she’ll replay it for you in a new way.  A girl who writes is also a girl who reads.  Date a girl who wants to see Bronte’s England, Rowling’s Scotland, Pasternak’s Russia, and Divakaruni’s India. 

Love a girl who writes because she is independent of mind yet recognizes the beauty of experience and relationships. If you argue, don’t expect a verbal joust.  Recognize that writing is how she connects with what she’s feeling and thinking.  Be grateful that she can express her viewpoint with precision and eloquence, as long as she’s given the time to write it down.  Don’t pressure her into confrontations.

Date a girl who writes. She’s most likely the victor of many battles and recognizes that conflict builds character and an appreciation for life.  Tell her she’s funny, witty, and beautiful.  Understand her need to hear you express yourself.  Understand her loathing of vagueness and apathy.  Read and discuss her work with her.  Don’t secretly skim it over and feign disinterest.

Refill her coffee at dawn and her wine glass at dusk. Ask her about her favorite authors, politics and current events. Encourage her writing and celebrate her publications.

Love a girl who writes, because if she loves you back, she will bring laughter, depth and passion to your life. She’s restless and craves experience.  If she loves you, she’ll take you with her.

Date a girl who writes because she understands her worth and will confidently challenge you to do the same. Date a girl who writes, but recognize that you will never own her.  However, if she says she loves you, believe her, because she’s read too many Jane Austen novels to bullshit you. She will always be in love with charming places, people’s characters, and new ideas, because those are what make stories come alive.

Date a girl who writes, at least once in your life.  Love her hard and allow her space to create. Don’t hurt her or she may kill you off in her next novel. Inspire her and she will celebrate you. Love her and she will make you shine. She knows how to write a happy ending. If you’re lucky, you’ll make it onto the last page.

The End.

One thought on “Date A Girl Who Writes

  1. In my experience, creative people – writers, artists, musicians, builders, inventors, and other people who combine their brains with their hands – tend to be the most diverse and interesting.


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