A Day In Kealakekua Bay

by Karen Rose

“Build a life you donʻt need a vacation from” I see this quote pop up occasionally on my news feed and smile to myself proudly. ʻYep, I did that.ʻ In 2012, I quit my job and sold everything I owned to move to the Island of Hawaii. Itʻs now 2016 and I still feel like Iʻm on vacation. Although I work more than full time, itʻs work I love and itʻs in Paradise – literally.

Itʻs especially nice when friends come to visit and I get an excuse to play tourist with them. This week my friend from Australia came to Hawaii to hang out with me for a few days, and I took her to my favorite snorkel spot, Kealakekua Bay.

13895531_10209146789060018_7204861551116187667_nMy lovely Aussie friend

Kealakekua Bay, or K-Bay as the locals call it, is an underwater marine sanctuary. The waters are so clear and pristine that Disney sent an underwater film crew out to get footage for the animators of ʻFinding Nemo

It’s also the home to Captain Cook Monument–the spot where Captain James Cook lost his life in 1779. The land the monument stands on was deeded to the United Kingdom in 1877 and the British Navy is responsible for maintaining the large white stone obelisk.  

There’s only two ways to get into the bay. One is to hike down a fairly advanced trail (I’ve actually seen a guy carrying his dog back up the path), or by boat. We chose the boat. We went out with a company called Dolphin Discoveries who offer snorkel tours and dolphin swims.

13935002_10209146789100019_7922965233893978514_nKealakekua Bay

We were greeted by Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins upon first entering the bay. They’re called spinner dolphins because of their impressive acrobatic spinning feats. The water in the bay is the perfect temperature, the corral is colorful and massive, and the variety of fish and sea life is extensive. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see an eel, a reef shark, or an octopus.

13892271_10209146788460003_8218114821136450521_nHawaiian Spinner Dolphins

After our relaxing snorkel excursion, we were served fresh pineapple and papaya, along with cheese and crackers, and plenty of fresh veggies and beverages. On the way back to the boat harbor, our captain pointed out some lava tubes, sea caves and blow holes.

It was a perfectly lovely day in Paradise and just one of the many reasons I’m now living a life I don’t need a vacation from. Aloha nui loa!


An Aussie on a Boat

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