Life Interrupted

NicholasIwamoto.jpgby Karen Rose

The date was Feb. 1, 2009—Super Bowl Sunday. Twenty-two-year-old Nicholas Iwamoto decided to skip the game and take on one of O‘ahu’s more challenging hikes, Koko Crater. Iwamoto, who now resides in Hilo, was about to enlist in the Hawai‘i Army National Guard and wanted to find out if he was ready for boot camp.

But he never made it home from that hike.

Iwamoto was attacked by Benjamin Davis, a man later declared temporarily insane by the State of Hawai‘i. He woke up at the bottom of a ravine, 100 feet below, with 18 stab wounds.

“I blacked out when he started stabbing me in the throat,” said Iwamoto.

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