Be Brave

I been thinking a lot about courage.

Those who survive trauma are often called brave, as if bravery were a by-product of suffering- a purple heart for a psychological wound.

Yesterday I rejected being called brave.

I don’t feel brave, I feel pieced together.

Then I realized bravery isn’t about surviving, bravery is about speaking out.

Surviving is easy, exposing the truth is terrifying.

Honesty leaves one vulnerable to scrutiny.

It’s rocking the boat  instead of paddling along like a nice girl.

It’s calling out the perpetrators of unkindness, the ones who spend their lives blaming everyone around them for their unhappiness.

Perpetrators are self-victimizing poltroons craving attention and shifting the blame to others.

They inflict pain on others then cry victimization when called on their actions.

So yes, I am brave.

Brave enough to stand up to liars and bullies.

Truth is my weapon, and I’m not afraid to use it.

3 thoughts on “Be Brave

  1. Love your thoughts here and your message.
    I was wondering if I could include some of this post in a book I’m working on with my mum about sexual abuse survivors?
    We want this topic not to be taboo. We’re encouraging people to speak up about it, that’s it not their fault and they’re not alone. We hope it will be a resource also to help people know what options they have.
    About 25 people have contributed so far and I’d love to include you. Copyright stays with you, you can be anonymous if you want. Contributors receive a free pdf copy of the book, and ebooks will be for sale.
    You may enter your story or anything relating to your experience as well if you’d like. There are also interview questions you are welcome to answer.
    Feel free to ask any questions:
    For more info you can check out this post:
    Thanks so much for considering being part of this project to help girls and women around the world.


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