Paint and Sip – Bring Your Inner Artist Out to Play

Pablo Picasso said that good artists copy and great artists steal. The truth is, trying something new and creative requires inspiration, and one of the best ways to be inspired is to study the masters – the artists who stir your emotions and make you go, ‘ahhh’.

A current trend in the art world is to host social events pairing art classes with wine. Otherwise known as ‘Paint and Sip’, or ‘Social Art-working,’ these trendy and creative collaborations bring together students eager to create while enjoying themselves in the process.

The first rule of a Paint and Sip is to have patience, fun and plenty of wine. Sound enticing? It should. This is a non-judgmental place for friends to gather, partake in adult beverages, and revel in the joy of learning a new skill. The instructors are professional artists who give step-by-step guidance and encouragement for you to enjoy and express yourself in new and artistic ways. By the end of the evening, participants leave feeling relaxed (wine-induced), with a personalized piece of art they created themselves.

Most paint and sip classes average around $50 per person, which includes a canvas, painting supplies, wine or beer, and personal instruction. It’s a perfect event for ladies night out or a fun date, if your man is up for a new adventure.

I live on the Island of Hawaiʻi where there are several “Paint and Sip” events to choose from. My favorite happens to be Gertrude’s Jazz Bar in Kailua-Kona. Not only do guests receive instruction from a talented artist (Kira Kamamalu), but are serenaded by live jazz music while overlooking the Pacific Ocean. And while alcohol isn’t a requirement for participation, it certainly makes one’s creative side a bit more playful.

So if you’re looking for something a bit unique and out of the ordinary, I suggest getting your paintbrush wet at one of the many ‘Paint and Sip’ events that are popping up around the country. If you happen to be in Kailua-Kona, Hawaiʻi, give Gertrude’s Jazz Bar a call and see when their next event is taking place. You’ll be glad you did. I pinky-swear-Picasso-promise.