Culinary Seduction at Le Jules Verne, Paris


Discretely nestled within the Eiffel Tower is a Michelin-starred restaurant offering not only exquisite dining, but dramatic experiences from start to finish. From the time guests enter through security at the South Pillar of the Eiffel Tower and are escorted into a hidden, windowed elevator, it’s an experience uniquely Parisian. Over 400 feet above the Paris skyline is the elegant dining room of Le Jules Verne.

According to chef Alain Ducasse, Le Jules Verne has the unique ambition of being true to itself and being the most breath-taking venue in Paris to enjoy contemporary French cuisine. Breath-taking indeed, the view from the restaurant’s platform is spectacular and offers magnificent panoramic vistas of the City of Lights.

18685348_10211838796038510_413957164_nKat and Champagne

My daughter and I visited Paris this year, and although we wanted to do so on a budget, we set aside a little extra cash so we could experience what is arguably one of the best restaurants in the city. We made our lunch reservations prior to leaving the United States to ensure our table. We chose lunch because it was a bit more affordable at 105€ each (granted a glass of champagne was 25€ each, however it wouldn’t be lunch in Paris without some bubbly). While significantly more pricey then our other meals, we realized we were paying not only for the incredible food, but for the experience as well. It was worth every euro.

18678829_10211838801078636_1297248050_nA room with a view

We were seated close to a window seat where we were treated to views of the city, elegantly and pleasantly obstructed by the Eiffel Tower’s lattice trestles. This lovely architectural interference was a constant reminder we were dining in one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris.


Our three course lunch began with appetizers of warm green asparagus from Provence with truffle mousseline and fois gras with rune-peanut condiment.


For our main dish we enjoyed roasted leg of lamb, mogette beans with marjoram and jus perle, and Chicken pithiviers with spring salad.


Dessert was a pistachio caramel souffle with ewe’s curd sorbet (yes it was as good as it sounds!) and an assortment of chocolates.


After our incredible lunch and two glasses of champagne, we went out on the viewing deck to take in the unobstructed view of Paris and pinch ourselves a few times to ensure we weren’t dreaming. Our day at the Eiffel Tower and Le Jules Verne was perfecty lovely, or as they say in France, “Belle journée!”

18679083_10211838803278691_607898439_nKat and Me looking out at the City of Lights