Taste the Flavors of Hawaiʻi
 at Roy’s Waikoloa

Keahole Mochi LobsterKeahole Mochi Lobster

Buy it with thought and cook it with care. This is something Jennifer Hamilton, executive chef at Roy’s Waikoloa, practices daily in her culinary journey.

One of the island’s most prestigious and delicious restaurants, Roy’s Waikoloa is lucky to host this talented food master who finds her inspiration from nature and the world around her.

“I’m inspired by observing the textures of nature and understanding how we’re basically dependent upon what this planet offers us,” said Chef Hamilton. “I’m not so much a tree hugger, but it’s an inspiration to me how everything is set up for us to survive and how certain things are offered to us that are edible and for our consumption. Also, butter and bacon are both pretty inspiring.”

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