Triton Restaurant – Prague


The best part of traveling to new locations and experiencing new cultures is hands down the food. From street food to exquisite dining, I love it all. My recent trip to the Czech Republic took me to Prague where I had the pleasure of feasting at one of the finest, and most historically interesting establishments I’ve ever experienced. Triton Restaurant, located in the heart of Prague, is a must if you enjoy fine dining and a unique atmospheres. The ruggedly handsome and talented Chef Tomáš Horák is a culinary artist. His creations are as beautiful as they are delicious, but we’ll get to those details later.

Located in the basement of an historical building in the heart of Prague, Triton Restaurant was once a theatre and has been transformed into a replica of an underground sea cave. The name Triton is a homage to the mythological Greek god. He is the messenger of the sea and son of Poseidon and Amphirite, god and goddess of the sea. Disney fans will recognize the name Triton, as Ariel’s father in the animated film, The Little Mermaid. To keep with the theme, the restaurant authentically resembles an underwater sea cave.

FullSizeRender 7.jpgInterior of Triton Restaurant

During the early 20th Century the stalactite cave was a theatre/cabaret room holding performances by such Czech artists as Fernec Futurista, Vlasta Burian, Rudolf Jílovský, Karel Noll, Eman Fiala and others. In 1925, it was the most successful theatre in the inter-war period and served as a meeting place for important Czech political and cultural personalities.

Triton’s interior is a sneak peek into Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythologies. Dining in the cave feels like a celebration of a movie set in a Hollywood backlot. However, the most enticing element of Triton Restaurant is the menu and their Executive Chef de Cuisine, Tomáš Horák.

IMG_3742.JPGExecutive Chef de Cuisine, Tomáš Horák has cooked in several Michelin restaurants across Europe.

“I learned (culinary) craftsmanship in the Czech Republic, said Horák. “At that time, there were few people from abroad, so I was very happy to travel and learn to cook modern and high-quality gastronomy. My first trip was to France, where I started to cook in smaller restaurants.”

From there, Horák took his culinary skills to Germany, and then to the Marriott’s Michelin Star restaurant in Kempinski, Switzerland. From Switzerland, he went to the Kitzbuhel, Austria at the Grand Tirolia. He also took his culinary art to Hangar 7 at the Ikarus Restaurant—a two Michelin stars restaurant, often heralded as one of the best restaurant in Europe. Being unstoppable, Horák was offered a job at the Schloss Berg, Hotel, a five-star property with a three Michelin Star restaurant, before moving back home to Prague.

“In Prague, I got a wonderful offer to the best restaurant, and I could not resist,” he said. Another great experience was at the restaurant la vie – 3 Michelin stars by Thomas Buhner, one of the world’s finest Chef de Cuisine. I take inspiration and try to connect with the best inspiration I have learned in the world.”

Horák takes his culinary work seriously and considers food an art.

“New trends are different for every locality, but I think gastronomy is developing very quickly towards the arts,” he said. “The important factor is the fresh ingredients and the development of the flavors. I can imagine that in the future they will mix more kitchens than today. For example, French, German, French and South American.”

“Every job has to be worked with love,” said Horák. “It is the best to commune and to meet people. I try to offer my favorite dishes with meals. The good energy comes from the food and when it helps people have better days and the life itself is also better.”

Life was definitely better after dining on Horák’s delicious, artistic food. Here are some of the delicious dishes available at Triton Restaurant in Prague—created by the master himself, Tomáš Horák.

FullSizeRender 5Catfish in Two Styles, with Saffron Sauce, Risotto with Red Wine, Spinach with Walnuts,
Champagne Mousse, Caviar and Marinated Crayfish

FullSizeRender 3.jpgBeef Shank Goulash with White-bread Dumplings 

FullSizeRenderAppetizer to Die For (that’s not what it’s called, but it was delicious!

FullSizeRender 6We had several things not listed on the menu and all I can say is, “YUM!”

FullSizeRender 4Cream of Crayfish Soup with Lobster Oil and Coconut Mousse

FullSizeRender 8.jpgPistachio Mousse in Choux Pastry, Fruit, Vanilla Granité

FullSizeRender 2.jpgThis outstanding dessert was not on the menu but was served on honeycomb and topped with sorbet pearls. Yes, please.